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  But such policies seem instead to have created the conditions for even more campus violence.Some college students who previously drank in bars and lounges under the watchful supervision of bouncers (not to mention owners eager to keep their liquor licenses) now retreat to the sanctuary of their fraternity houses and apartments, where they no longer control their behaviour or their drinking.The boomerang effect has also played a role in attempts to reduce the availability of illicit drugs.During recent years, the federal government has been quite successful in reducing the supply of street drugs.As fields are burned and contraband confiscated, the price of street drugs has skyrocketed to a point where cheap altematives have begun to compete in the marketplace.Unfortunately, the cheap alternatives are even more harmful than the illicit drugs they replace.






  Suppose he could take one meal so compact and comprehensive that he should never hunger any more; suppose him, at a glance, to take in all the features of the world and allay the desire for knowledge; suppose him to do the like in any province of experience - would not that man be in a poor way for amusement ever after?

  One who goes touring on foot with a single volume in his knapsack reads with circumspection, pausing often to reflect, and often laying the book down to contemplate the landscape or the prints in the inn parlour; for he fears to come to an end of his entertainment, and be left companionless on the last stages of his journey.






  Along a rugged, wideNorth Sea beach here on a recent day, children formed teams of eight to 10,taking their places beside mounds of sand carefully cordoned by tape. They hadone hour for their sand castle competition. Some built fishlike structures,complete with scales. Others spent their time on elaborate ditch and dikelabyrinths. Each castle was adorned on top with a white flag.

  Then they watched thesea invade and devour their work, seeing whose castle could with stand the tidelongest. The last standing flag won.

  It was no ordinary dayat the beach, but a newly minted, state-sanctioned competition forschoolchildren to raise awareness of the dangers of rising sea levels in a countryof precarious geography that has provided lessons for the world about watermanagement, but that fears that its next generation will grow complacent.







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